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Rosé & Blanc de Noir from the Ahr

Weißherbst, "Blanc de Noir" and Co. - the rosés from the Ahr

The wonderful Pinot Noir from the Ahr, also called Pinot Noir, is often found on the Ahr as Weißherbst or "Blanc de Noir" - a white wine made from the red Pinot Noir grape. The Weißherbst is considered a better rosé because it has to meet special quality characteristics during production. Thus, according to German wine law, a Weißherbst may only consist of one grape variety that comes from a single growing region - which is a matter of course for the Rosés von der Ahr.

Blanc de Noir or Weissherbst from the Ahr valley gets its rosé tint from the resting of the juice on the mash. The longer this period lasts, the more colour the pressed berry skins release in the mash. The colour of a rosé therefore says nothing about the taste or the quality of the wine.
Rosés from the Ahr are, especially in summer, a real insider tip - the perfect terrace wines. Their fruity freshness is at its best when well chilled and served in a white wine glass.

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