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Sparkling wine & Secco from the Ahr

With tingling greetings from the Ahr

Sparkling wine and Secco should not be missing at any party. The term "festival" is not so narrowly defined on the Ahr. When you ring in the evening on the terrace, a good glass of secco from the Ahr quickly creates a festive atmosphere. Especially if one is lucky to have the delicious Blanc de Noir in a sparkling variant glass. Ice cold of course! Because the serving temperature is also important for the optimum moment of enjoyment with an Ahr Secco. The lower the temperature, the longer the carbon dioxide remains in the glass. Ideal is between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Not only as an aperitif, but also as an accompaniment to seafood, fish, vegetable dishes and poultry, a Secco or sparkling wine from the Ahr makes a good figure. Browse through the assortment and look forward to sparkling moments.

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