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Red wines from the Ahr

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Top class red wines: the velvety wines from the Ahr

Red grape varieties find excellent growing conditions in the Mediterranean microclimate of the Ahr valley. The warmth and richness of the soil provide the Ahrwein with its typical velvety taste. This makes the red wines from the Ahr particularly popular with wine lovers, for whom some dry wines seem too dry.

The Pinot Noir, also known as "Pinot Noir", is the leading red wine vine on the Ahr. In the steep slopes with their slate soils, this vine finds optimal climatic conditions. The Spätburgunder accounts for over 60% of the total area under vine.

The rarer and earlier ripening brother of the Pinot Noir is enjoying increasing popularity. The Frühburgunder is considered a particular speciality of the Ahr. They are colour-intensive, velvety red wines with a high body and a low, harmonious acidity.

Due to its low harvest yields, the grape variety would have almost died out in the 70s. Today, the Frühburgunder, a regional speciality of the Ahr, can be found in the "Ark of Taste" by the Slow Food Association as a grape variety worthy of preservation. Here you will find a delicious selection of excellent Pinot Noir, Frühburgunder and other red wines from the Ahr.

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