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Peter Kriechel Olive Oil Balduccio

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Peter Kriechel Olive Oil Balduccio

Product description

Extra virgin olive oil comes from the organic farm Balduccio. The olive and winery is located in Tuscany between Lucca and Florence.
Through environmentally friendly farming methods, Promte processing of olives and cutting-edge oil mills, created from the olives of the centenary olive groves, a unique olive oil. The processed olives are 70% Moraiolo, 20% Frantoio, 10% others (Leccino, Pendolino, etc.).

The olives are processed quickly in the own oil mill, developed according to the latest quality standards (defoliating, washing and drying of the olives, knife mill, two-phase decanter without water supply, no separator, immediate filtering)

Balduccio is a certified organic company (certified by QCsrl).

The analysis results of the 2017 oil (2018 coming soon):

  • Free fatty acids: 0.19%
  • Peroxide value: 3.65 meq O2 / kg
  • Polyphenols: 835 mg / kg (after double filtration)
  • Tocopherols: 324 mg / kg

Ingredients: 500 ml extra virgin olive oil 100%

Bestellnummer KRI-187
EAN 2500003975643
Hersteller Peter Kriechel

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